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Information Scarcity

The rise of universities in the C11-C12 was in response to the rise of merchants and traders who needed to keep track of their goods and exchanges in an orderly manner. There was also demand from traditional property owners to … Continue reading

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Discussion Group – Continued Professional Development

I am an educational reformer – because I truly believe education is broken. Unfortunately, the current philosophies for moving education forward are founded in traditional education. Traditional education, with roots in social constructionist philosophies, tell us that reality is a … Continue reading

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Mindset (again) and Learning Styles (again)

I just finished teaching my University class yesterday, and one of the focusses this year (by the students) was a focus on mindsets. Several of them wrote about mindsets, and a couple of them drew the link between mindset and … Continue reading

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Discovery Learning in Math?

Unbelievable! Discovery based learning – a huge failure in the wrong context – is the latest fad in teaching math to children in Canada. Discovery-based learning is the idea that someone is given a problem to resolve, and they will … Continue reading

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Information Digitization – a Paradigm Shift

There is a paradigm shift taking place in learning today. I have written before that there is a paradigm shift in education, but the status quo isĀ reinforcing the traditional trenches in a way that is unbelievable in today’s world. Just … Continue reading

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Conformity and Education

I have written before about the drive for conformity in education. Given the massification of education which has led to huge classrooms with, literally, hundreds of students being taught, conformity is essential. It has become, unabashedly, one of the central … Continue reading

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How We Know

I know that this blog post will be old news to most of us, but I think it needs reiterating within the present context of my thinking – how do we find out what we believe in, or what are … Continue reading

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