Memory Video

I’m introducing my new Scholarship of Learning YouTube Channel.


For this introduction, I’ve made a short (15 minute) video talking about memory – not the memory we would like to work with, or the memory that we wish we had, but a basic run through of memory, and how it is (actually) structured. I finish off with the goals we would like to accomplish in our learning – with regards to our memory.



Let me know what you think of my venture into video making…


4 thoughts on “Memory Video

  1. Hi Jess,
    Will you know my view on your ability to teach and lecture to students, it goes without saying. The only thing I will say to you is that you have a big humm noise on your audio recording. Hope you are well regards Steve.


  2. I like the vedio presentation a lot, the information is very useful, presented very concisely and linked together and flows very well. Love the idea and look forward to lot more learning in the future! Thank you for this enriching vedio.



  3. jesse, i’m a friend of james intrilligator’s and he referred me to your posts. Delighted to see these as they link directly to my own work, using the brain and mind sciences to impact at-risk kids. Keen to talk with you about overlapping interests. As for the video, I agree on the clarity, but I think it needs several ingredients to keep the attention of educators: 1) it is too static and could greatly benefit from relevant images, including data charts; 2) it could use more real world examples to illustrate the kinds of memory, even pausing to have viewers try some out.


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