Resources for Research

Lucy asked a great question about obtaining access to resources needed for providing evidence when arguing a point.

I think there will be three ways to work through this need.

1) If you know you are going to want to get official postgraduate credit for doing the work, enrol on the course at the beginning, and you will have access to library resources in the same way that any online student at Bangor will have access to resources.

2) In the olden days (pre instant internet access) journals used to include postcards for sending to the authors asking for reprints to be sent out. I’m not advocating that we return to postcards, however, requesting a paper from an author is still a way to obtain access to resources. Often, if you look at an author’s own institutional website, they will have all their publications available to download from there. If not, ask them to send you a copy (via e-mail) – it might be old fashioned, but it still works. I’ve done it recently (several times) – actually asking for clarification on something published, or more information – and the author’s have never taken more than a day or so to get back to me.

3) Share resources with each other. When you put in a citation, try to put a link to wherever the article is available. You can put PDFs that you link to onto your WordPress site as a media file. Make sure your readers can gain access to the  work you are referring to.


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