Moving Forward

I’m excited about starting our MOOC experience. I have made a Google spreadsheet available for people who would like to participate in the community in order that they can let us know where to find them. Because this is a community endeavour, I need to set some arbitrary start date so that those interested can get themselves ready, and so that we can start this together.

I think September 1 would be a good time. That way, we can accumulate a critical mass of people who can register their interest, set up a blogging account (or use your own – doesn’t really matter), and get ready to begin. Can’t really start a community discussion with only three people, so invite your friends, and get ready to roll.

I’m going to set up another Google spreadsheet with the titles of the hundreds of blog posts that have been written for my class in the past, along with a way to sort them by topic into the broad areas that are covered by the MOOC titles. This way, if we get interest from people who don’t have a solid psychology background in psychology, they can do some reading to understand some of the principles, and they will be able to see how the discussion takes place and progresses.

Once I set this spreadsheet up, could those of you who have been in the class in the past go in and give me a hand by (at least) cataloguing your own blog posts. That would help immensely. I calculate that (roughly) I have 1500 to 2000 blog posts to wade through before I’m finished.


3 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Hi Jesse, do you mind us blogging under previous titles that we used for Science of Ed in our undergraduate time.

    Is there any idea regarding the costing of accreditation per module? Will we be able to access Bangor Uni resources such as online papers which Bangor subscribe to, if so, how? In terms of empirical/ non empirical thesis, is there guidance as to what this sort of thesis should look like, or is that open?


    1. Lucy,

      The cost of the programme will be in line with other postgraduate programmes offered through the University. Currently, the figure of about £650/20 credit module has been bandied about. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I would guess it will be in that range.

      As far as using previous titles, that’s fine, as long as there is sufficient development of your arguments and writing to warrant new credit being granted for the work


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